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Organisational Development
Improving Capability & Performance

Employee capabilities link directly to achieving strategic initiatives. Any business can only perform well if employees develop a shared passion for continuous improvement and are focused on delivering exceptional results.

We work with boards and senior teams to develop alignment between vision, strategy and action within the team and the organisation.

This typically requires supporting or conducting a review of current organisational performance and capability and assisting the leadership team to define clear and achievable objectives, followed by an effective and measurable action plan that will ensure the desired outcome.

We can undertake fully or work alongside you at any stage of the typical OD process, but to help you determine where you may require support we have listed below some of the OD solutions through which we measurably increase individual and organisational capability and performance.

Unifying perceptions

Specific events where skilled facilitation can make the difference and bring outstanding success include:

  • Board Away Days
  • Strategic group planning and events
  • Focus Groups
  • Sales & performance meetings
  • Staff & customer conferences

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Linking Organisational Objectives and Personal Performance

What gets measured gets done.

Defining and measuring effectiveness - especially the performance of staff is a critical part of any manager's job. The question is : How do you define the skills, behaviours and attitudes you need to perform a role effectively? In other words, how do you know what to measure?

The answer is to link individual performance to the goals of the business and this can be done through the use of competencies. These are the integrated knowledge, skills, judgement and attributes that people need in order to perform their job effectively. By having a defined set of competencies for each role in your business, it shows each individual the kind of behaviours the organisation values and which it requires to help achieve its objectives. Not only can team members work more effectively and achieve their potential, but there are many business benefits to be had from linking personal performance with corporate goals and values.

Defining which competencies are necessary for success in your organisation can help:

  • Ensure that your people demonstrate sufficient expertise
  • Recruit and select new staff more effectively
  • Evaluate performance more effectively
  • Identify skill and competency gaps more efficiently
  • Provide more customised training and professional development
  • Plan sufficiently for succession
  • Make change management processes work more effectively
  • Ensure your people have clear goals to aspire to

Add a competency framework to your talent management program.

By collecting and combining competency information, you can create a standardised approach to performance that's clear and accessible to everyone in the company. The framework outlines specifically what people need to do to be effective in their roles, and it clearly establishes how their roles relate to organisational goals and success.

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Hire faster and smarter while increasing productivity and retention

Managerial & professional hire

- Engage leadership to drive business performance

Managers and leaders are pivotal to success. From effective managers improving staff productivity, customer satisfaction and retention to senior leaders making critical strategic decisions, top- tier leaders are essential to delivering business results.

Make decisions using objective measurements that predict future potential.

  • Identify future leaders by evaluating multiple competencies (coaching, decision making)
  • Use psychometric assessments to measure team leadership capabilities
  • Align people with strategy to drive business outcomes
  • Pinpoint high potential leadership talent

Select the right managers and watch business performance take off!

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Volume Recruitment
- Identify the candidates most likely to succeed

We help organisations streamline processes and hire the most qualified candidates for high volume roles. Predictive screening assessments ensure that only the best applicants proceed to the later stages of your hiring process, such as interviews or on-site testing . We use people assessment tools to measure characteristics against role requirements and ensure:

  • Efficient application management expedites identification of top candidates
  • Behavioural assessments link to your competency framework
  • Ability and personality tests assess a candidates potential to do the job and add value
  • Situational judgement tests, culture fit and values measures ensure a good fit with the role and organisations
  • Skills tests measure subject knowledge

Do you want to employ candidates who are going to be the most
successful in the job?
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Increase employee engagement and productivity

The ideal candidate for your new job opening may already work for you. High performing companies know what talent they have in the pipeline and how to effectively move existing staff to the right destinations within the organisation

Measure, develop and transition talent for success:

Talent Audit
Understand talent capabilities across the organisation:

  • Determine gaps between current talent and business demands
  • Identify individual and organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • Examine individual / team / functional alignment with organisational strategy and objectives
  • Provide objective, practical feedback that yields concrete results in staff development
  • Identify new talent from your pipeline

Employee Development
Unleash untapped potential

Demonstrate a commitment to employee growth and development and reap the rewards of enhanced motivation and engagement.

Your best and least costly source of new talent might already be on the job. You can unlock untapped potential with targeted and practical development programmes that drive effective behaviours and increase individual and organisational productivity

Miller Management employee development solutions help you:

  • Link individual and group development to business strategy
  • Analyse skill and competency gaps for current and future roles
  • Develop and promote internal talent for future leadership roles (Leadership Assessments)
  • Identify and retain high potential, high value talent in your organisation

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Strategically manage pivotal leadership transitions

Succession is inevitable

Taking a proactive and strategic approach to developing and retaining future leaders, directors and chief executives is paramount to sustaining business success. Smart organisations instinctively look within for future leaders, investing resources to effectively engage and prepare today's employees for tomorrow's priorities.

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Coaching provides individual, one-to-one, confidential support to senior executives and key professionals aimed at enhancing personal effectiveness and boosting corporate performance.

It can sometimes be lonely at the top. So who helps you with your challenges?

Frequently subjected to a diverse range of demands and pressures, and often feeling isolated in their position, many excellent leaders are investing in their ability to achieve success by working in partnership with an executive coach.

Coaching Applications - these can include:

  • 1to1 executive coaching programmes
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Leadership development
  • People management
  • Managing change
  • Stress management
  • Personal impact
  • Career development & CV review
  • 1st 100 days executive induction support

Why Us?

Miller Management can provide a flexible, tailored programme to individuals and teams who want to build on their existing strengths, increase their personal impact and achieve outstanding results.

Our coaches are all experienced, well qualified and successful professionals who know first hand what it's like out there and who have gone on to inspire many individuals and organisations to personal fulfilment and business excellence respectively.

Who consistently supports and challenges you or your team
to achieve success?
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Practical no-nonsense solutions that make a real difference to your business

A recent survey of UK businesses employing up to 250 people (SHL Oct 2011) found that 88% of respondents have regretted hiring a particular individual in the last year, due mainly to a combination of the individual being 'not up to what was required' (33%), a 'lack of skills' (47%, or 'subsequent poor performance' (35%).

The CV and interview have always been mainstays of recruitment, but the research found that 95% of small businesses would like to speed up this process, and that more than half (52%) claimed interviewing unsuitable candidates wastes valuable time.

So how can we help?

At Miller Management we appreciate the pressures and constraints of running a small business, where one person walking out the door can leave you in a serious bind, while making a great hire can make a huge difference.

We offer a fast, cost efficient service screening CV's / applications of potential job candidates, behavioural interviews and assessment of their capabilities. With 87% of respondents saying that cultural fit and attitude are equally important (52%), or more important (35%) than qualifications when recruiting a new employee, objective assessment also offers a highly valuable means of measuring whether an individual will be an appropriate fit for a job and the organisation.

Assessment can provide any business, small or large, with valuable insight as to whether an individual will thrive in that particular environment- this reduces the risk of a bad hire and ultimately saves the business money with increased productivity and reduced staff turnover.

Given the cost and time it takes to bring in new staff, it is vital that even the smallest business takes time to consider how to keep their valuable individuals engaged and motivated.

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Whatever the event or occasion, we can provide a keynote speech that will resonate with the audience by making them laugh, think deeply and leave motivated and inspired.

High profile motivational speakers from the world of business and sport or an engaging expert in a particular field can provide an incredibly powerful inspiration to kick start a campaign designed to instigate real change.

We can offer clear and independent advice on who, what and how to
inspire your people.
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