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Performance Solutions
Bridging the gap between performance and potential

Unlocking your potential

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We help leaders, managers and individuals to raise their game, release their energy and deliver more efficient and/or effective performance by assisting them to clearly identify what matters to them, what impact they want to make and what reputation they want to build. We focus on issues such as personal impact, leadership of their teams, the constraints they have to overcome and the actions, conversations and steps they can take to progress .

This might be for individuals who are already performing well and want to enhance their performance or for those whose appraisal indicates they are not performing to expectations. Typical challenges we help to overcome may cover general or specific issues such as working relationships, resolving conflicts, developing confidence, motivation, delivering targets and key presentations.

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Rigorous, tailored, insightful

Using a variety of the very best 360º feedback and psychometric tests, we can assist in getting a three dimensional profile of the individual and their performance. This can confirm strengths and highlight gaps and areas for development.

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Open to all

We understand that from time to time individuals require immediate development and it’s either not appropriate or feasible to wait until there are sufficient numbers to warrant an in-house solution.

As a result, we offer a number of highly practical and engaging workshops and seminars, including:

Coaching - the essentials Coaching for Performance Improvement
Mentoring in the workplace Selection interviewing & feedback skills
Delivering transformational change Developing & Managing Talent
The Effective Supervisor / Team Leader Essential interpersonal skills
Finance for non-financial Managers Leading a project team
Recruiting within the Law Performance Review skills for Line Managers
Sales & Customer Service Facilitation Skills

All of theses programmes can also be provided in-house, which is a cost effective approach if you have a number of people who require training. You choose where and when you want our trainers to deliver. We will tailor the course content to suit your precise organisational needs.

These workshops and seminars are often demand driven, so for regular updates and special offers please get in touch

Hire faster and smarter

You don't need us to tell you that performance can be greatly effectedaffected by resource levels and capability. So if you are looking to increase your team and ensure you have a better chance of hiring the most suitable candidate for your next key vacancy we can help.

We can support you in a number of ways, including:

Initial candidate selection - screening CV's and applications, telephone interviews
On-line ability testing & personality assessments
competency based interviews - either on your behalf (telephone or face to face) or we can work alongside you providing advice and support or facilitation of the interview
Candidate feedback

We work with a number of small business owners (more details) and managers within large private and public organisations (more details) to find the candidates most likely to succeed.

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